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The company is to home to some of the most advanced health care products in the natural healing industry. The company’s managing member is award-winning, internationally-known, public health authority, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. For more than a quarter century, Dr. Horowitz has authored books, DVD’s, CD’s, and scientific articles that endorse taking personal responsibility for health choices. His recommendations have helped people worldwide reverse diseases from uncommon flus to deadly cancers. His programs have helped educate patients for achieving optimal wellness and assuring disease prevention through positive lifestyles and risk avoidance. Dr. Horowitz is committed to informing people about social, economic, environmental, and political issues that pose myriad threats during this challenging age.


Our Company Mission:

"To celebrate the manifestation of Divinity in biology, health science, and emerging biospiritual technologies, and through our loving service, deliver the most advanced knowledge and equipment for personal and planetary purification, physical salvation, and spiritual evolution."

We welcome your participation:

To collaboratively accomplish our mission, we invite you to join our organization as a satisfied customer, Healthy World Affiliate, and/or web associate, by contacting us personally.

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Personal Health Consultations with Dr. Horowitz may be arranged by calling: 1-888-508-4787. (Follow directions in the message.)

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