ZeoLife™ provides awesome protection in a world plagued by pollution. It is the only advanced zeolite solution delivering resonating molecules of humic acid and essential trace minerals including monoatomic silver and gold. This proprietary blend provides safer chelation (called “clathration”) and advanced personal protection. The electrically-charged humic molecules carry superconducting monoatomic elements. These charged elements surround and neutralize toxic metals such as mercury far better than zeolite alone. They bind heavy metals to the zeolite for safer removal from your body.


ZeoLife™ Technology

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This energetic process also neutralizes more industrial chemicals and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation than any former invention. Modern sources of EMF, such as cell phones and powerlines, like petro-chemicals, can be toxic. ZeoLife™ reduces or eliminates these threats with no risk of chemical or heavy metal reabsorption.

72 important elements including all essential minerals have been added to ZeoLife™ to counter common mineral deficiencies, especially in persons undergoing other forms of chelation.

528Hz frequency harmonics have been added to this structured water-based solution to supply nature’s core sustaining energy to the monoatomic elements, and thus to your body.

In summary, ZeoLife™ is a powerful natural heavy metal and chemical detoxifier that also supplies essential minerals helping to balance pH, enhance immunity, and neutralize toxicity including stressful EMF radiation for increased vitality and longevity.

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